02/07/13: MaryMar is a very special cat, and also a very lucky one. When she was rescued at the end of last year she had a paw so badly wounded that it was literally rotting, and the vet’s first reaction was that it needed to be amputated which would have effectively meant that MaryMar would have lost her leg, as a false paw was not really an option here. Fortunately for this lovely cat, the lady who rescued her is very experienced at helping sick and injured cats, and she worked hard for weeks to save MaryNury’s paw, helped by the fact that she is such a gentle lovely cat. Now despite having lost part of her paw, MaryNury’s movement is almost normal, and when I met her for my photo shoot in January I only saw a beautiful, healthy, adorable cat. Not surprisingly she found her forever home quickly with a lovely family and traveled to Germany in April. Recent photos show a VERY happy ending!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

AND an earlier photo in her foster home in Spain:


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