Massachusetts must ban animal testing facilities.

Not just Massachusetts!! Kudos to the City of Everett.

A Small City Banned Animal Testing. Now the Entire State Should Follow Suit.

A Massachusetts city has great news for animals: it will no longer allow any animal testing within the city! The rest of the state must follow Everett’s lead.

Prior to the new ordinance, the City of Everett had no explicit laws against animal testing, meaning the community could have been a ripe area for laboratories seeking new locations. That’s exactly the sad, shocking fate that befell their neighbors in nearby cities — the same fate that Everett residents knew they must avoid.

Animal testing sites are infamous for their brutality and overt disregard for animals as beings that feel pain, love, and fear. Monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals are shoved into metal cages where they are operated on, injected, exposed to abrasive toxic chemicals, and even electrocuted.

Residents in Everett, Massachusetts showed that they have hearts full of compassion by ensuring no animal testing labs can ever be built in their city. Now the rest of Massachusetts must do the same. Sign the petition to urge lawmakers in Massachusetts to pass a law banning all animal testing inside their state!

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