MATCH challenge for baby koalas

Our #BackToTheWild Drive is in full swing and we have just seven days left to meet the £150,000 Munchkin Matching Gift Challenge!

In order to meet this ambitious goal we’ve determined that we’ll need at least 500 people to make a gift of £15 or more by MIDNIGHT tonight. Make your gift now: Every pound you give will go twice as far, thanks to the Munchkin match!

Buzz and his mother were attacked by a dog earlier this year, and sadly his mother couldn’t be saved. Luckily, Buzz was rescued and taken into care with our partners at Mosswood Wildlife in Victoria, Australia. When he arrived he was so tiny—weighing barely a pound—because he had only just emerged from his mother’s pouch.

Buzz is now receiving expert care and has become fast friends with another koala joey named Woody. At this stage, it’s best to pair up koalas as they go through each of the steps in the rehabilitation process.⁠⁠ Buzz and Woody have separate baskets, but our friends at Mosswood say you will often find they have snuck into each other’s baskets to be together!

Sadly, the iconic koala is in crisis: Habitat loss, disease, vehicle strikes, dog attacks, and climate-driven disasters like bushfires are driving some populations towards extinction. Every koala rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild is crucial.
Your support could help the Mosswood Wildlife team look after Buzz and Woody until they’re ready to be released back into the wild. And just take a look at the other ways your gift could make a difference for koalas:

Please make your gift today while it can go 2x as far thanks to the Munchkin Matching Gift Challenge, and help us meet our goal of 500 gifts by MIDNIGHT tonight. 

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