14/05/13: Lovely new, recent photo of Maya in her forever home!
25/11/12: Maya is now in Germany. She traveled on the last transport to a trial home, to be the friend of a lovely sociable tomcat, whose last friend had recently died. In the first days the news was not so good. Maya’s new friend was possibly being too attentive, even bringing her gifts of toy mice and trying to cuddle her. He was SO pleased to have a new cat to live with. Maya was fine with the other cats at Montse’s but at the beginning did not react well to this amount of love and attention. In the last week however Maya has been a little more friendly, and I am hoping things will improve more and Maya will be able to stay in this lovely cat home.


01/10/12: Maya is a lovely female cat rescued from El Puche, near the river in Almeria. She was found with her litter of tiny kittens and helped by a kind Spanish lady. She is a lovely gentle cat, friendly to people and accepting of all other cats. She has even fed and looked after other tiny kittens that were not hers, and now it is time she found a forever home where she can be loved and looked after herself.

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