Meet Big Beau!


Beautiful BIG Beau

Beau is a gorgeous BIG more English looking cat. He weighs in at over 6.5kg but is not fat!

I actually named him Beau because he used to be Mimi’s beau, and we know that he is the father of her last kitten Xabi!

Beau had been all on his own in Calle Foque for some time after we rescued Mimi with Monty, but I was a little worried about how he would react to people and being inside. I could stroke him but he is a very big cat to have to deal with if unhappy!

As it turned out he is a completely gentle darling, and I am sure did not start life as a street boy. I have my suspicions this cuddle boy may have been abandoned by an English person returning home. He is very loving and looks after Keba, and all the kittens at Nicola’s, letting them all eat first, and isn’t aggressive to anyone, unless somebody is being a bully! He must have had a pretty tough time out on the streets, and actually used to look quite battered at one time. Now he is clean, healed, plumper and a VERY handsome boy indeed!


Beautiful BIG Beau


Beautiful BIG Beau


Beautiful BIG Beau


Beautiful BIG Beau


Beautiful BIG Beau

1 thought on “Meet Big Beau!

  1. Chris

    Wow he looks so much better than when we used to feed him in the street! I reckon our Oscar is heading his way size wise as well 🙁

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