Meet Charlie

Lovely Boy

Update 22:00: CHARLIE HAS A HOME!!! I have had another email from Kerstin this evening, and the lady Anja has decided that she definitely wants to give him a home which is great news.

Things are definitely looking up for Charlie, who Pam and I rescued from the square about 10 days ago. He had been begging for food in all the restaurants, was hungry and thin, and being a VERY friendly cat, definitely deserved a better life.

Britta has been looking after him brilliantly since then. He is getting on fine with her cat Sol, seems very much at home, and appears to have put on rather a lot of weight which is great. In time he will get used to the fact that food is now plentiful, hopefully before he becomes a fat cat, but for now I am so pleased that he is warm and loved.

On Tuesday I took him to the vet for tests, chip and vaccinations, and our aim is that he travels to Germany on the February transport. The great news today is that hopefully he will have an actual home waiting for him when he arrives. Kerstin emailed me the other day asking if we had a young male cat, as she has a lady who is looking for one to be a friend to her 2 existing cats.

Today I sent his photos over and the response from Kerstin is good:

“Anja, the interested woman, likes Charlie… She hopes that he is not aggressive… but he seems to be very, very friendly… and he is a bit bigger than the others… :o)))) At the moment I will try to do all I can so that she will give him a home… so then he has a girl friend and a big chaotic boy friend, where he must show him that he is Charlie and he is the big boss… :o)”

Here’s hoping …

Isn’t He Lovely

Charlie’s Friend Sol

7 thoughts on “Meet Charlie

  1. Chris

    Excellent, so a case of hello and goodbye Charlie!!! You will be taking them off the streets to order next 🙂

  2. Sands Post author

    Actually, if the big fluffy grey kitten from the Nautico Cats hadn’t disappeared, I would be now. There was a lady in Germany looking for a longer haired cat, who thought he was rather beautiful. Here’s hoping he reappears.

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