Meet Chivers – The Ginger Tom

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I thought it was time to introduce another of our Almerimar Tomcats, particularly as Pam had just mentioned him in her comment on my previous post.

Chivers, as I have now christened him, is normally seen lurking around the rocks, and competing with another, far more battle weary black Tomcat, for the attentions of the young females there, but has recently been spotted roaming further afield. He is very friendly and fussy, and actually quite fat, leading us to wonder if he IS a stray at all.

I am about to spoil his mating sport by orchestrating the spaying of as many of his girlfriends as possible, but Pam’s idea to “part him from his bits” may not be a bad one. I think I’ll put him down for a visit to Miguel the week after next!

This adds to the debate about what to do with cats that maybe are ‘owned’, and whether we have a right to grab them. Of course we will check for a chip before doing anything, but my feeling about Chivers is that, if he is contributing to the stray population here, then we do have a right to intervene. The only mystery is where all the ginger kittens are? Maybe he hasn’t been around long enough to sow his seed. Ginger kittens would certainly make a change from all the black and white ones!

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5 thoughts on “Meet Chivers – The Ginger Tom

  1. Pam Roberts

    This cat is a real character – I have been feeding him off and on for about 2 years.He insists on being fed apart from his female entourage and battles daily with the Big Black Tom.He is very affectionate and loves to be petted, is very clean and doesnt have many battle scars but I cant believe that he is a house cat because of the size of his ‘bits’ as he would surely spray inside an apartment or house and who would put up with that – I definitely think its time to put an end to his escapades.However I also wonder why there havent been ginger kittens around maybe he is ‘firing blanks’ and deep down knows this and this is why he is always growling and coming head on with the very active Big Black Tom!!!!!

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