Meet Emily Cat

Wednesday December 9th

Things are still not great for Emily. As we suspected her wound is infected and she is now on antibiotics and painkillers and will go back to the vet on Friday. She does however seem strong in herself and sang all the way in the car, so I am hoping that by the end of the week her problems will be almost over. She will definitely now stay with us until after Xmas.

Monday December 7th

Emily is well after her slightly traumatic 3 days last week. I am angry that the Roquetas vet did not check her chip, but cut her ear as if she was a street cat, AND, as they cut her stomach and not her side, she must now wear a collar to stop her chewing her stitches! Unfortunately her potential adoptant has disappeared too, so l am hoping this will be a better week for poor Emily!

Wednesday December 2nd

Emily is our last rescue cat to be introduced to this blog. She was also left at the protectora, having been found roaming the streets.

The great news for Emily is that she already has an interested person in Germany who we hope will adopt her. At the moment she is at a clinic in Roquestas as she needed sterilising urgently, and Miguel the ususal vet is on holiday. We will be bringing her back to Almerimar again on Friday, where she will stay until the transport on December 18th.

Emily is a tall, lean, muscular girl, and really rather gorgeous. However, as I was recently told that tricolor cats are not so popular in Germany at the moment, I am very pleased that (fingers crossed) we have already found her a home.


Beautiful, Strong Emily


Beautiful, Strong Emily


Beautiful, Strong Emily

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