Fraser’s New Girlfriend

11/04/11: Fraser has been in his new home for about a month and the latest news is that he now has a pretty new girlfriend to share his new life with. She is called Jacky and after a few ‘settling in’ days, the 2 have become friends!

Enjoy the new photos. Fraser looks very contented!

Fraser now Ben

Fraser now Ben

Ben & Jacky

Ben & Jacky

Ben & Jacky

14/03/11: Fraser (now re-named Ben) is a character cat. I first heard about him through PAWs, but then Lesley, the woman who was feeding him, contacted me directly asking for help.

It seems that Fraser was terrorising her own cats, had gone for her father, and had even resisted attempts to re-locate him, by walking ‘home’ twice, the last time some 20kms! She had had him castrated to calm him, and in desperation was even considering putting him to sleep, because she was literally at the end of the tether.

I am sorry that I didn’t get to meet Fraser, but I am am very happy that I was able to help him.

First I found him a foster place in a small cattery that he couldn’t escape from, and then Fraser’s luck really changed. 2 families were interested in Gulliver, our other big ginger boy, and the lady that missed out on him, agreed to give a home to Fraser instead. Ironically Gulliver’s home turned out to be not so great, so Fraser is the one of the two that has found his forever home.

He travelled to Germany on Friday overnight and this morning I have the first pictures of him in his new home, with this email from Anke, who found him his home.

“He loves to cuddle from the first moment with his adoptants and they are very happy. Their cat Jacky hisses at Fraser (now Ben) but he is friendly and the Adoptants think they will be friends in some weeks. Unfortunately Fraser marked three times when Jacky hissed but I hope he will stop this when Jacky becomes friendlier.”

I’m hoping that all will be fine. Fraser is not the first Tomcat that we have rescued who was aggressive outside, and then turned into a big sweetie once he found a proper home. I think it has quite a lot to do with competing for food and of course females for the un-castrated ones!

Now he has all the food and comfort he needs and a big balcony to sunbathe on. We decided a home with a garden was not the best for Fraser, in case he decided to try and find his was back to Mojacar again!!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped him and in particular to Lesley for feeding him for so long and caring enough to keep trying to find him a home, and eventually contact me, AND to Tracy who fostered him here in Spain. He looks fantastic!

Fraser (Ben) & Friend (Jacky)

Fraser (Ben) & Friend (Jacky)

Fraser (Ben) at Home

Fraser (Ben) At Home

Fraser In Spain

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