Meet Monty

Beautiful Monty

Monty has been one of our Calle Alcor cats for nearly 2 years now. He first appeared as a beautiful little kitten of around 3 months, and we did try to find someone to adopt him. Of course if I had the contacts I have now he would be happily homed in Germany, but that is hindsight. Now the big question is what to do about Monty and his little friend Mimi, who you will meet later.

Monty is still a beautiful cat, is very gentle with the other strays, and in the past few months doesn’t seem to mind being stroked when he comes for his food. We did catch him last summer and took him to the cat rescue where he was castrated and checked out. The problem was at the time Gisela couldn’t get near him so decided he was too wild to be re-homed.

I now think that things have changed slightly. He is older and calmer and more receptive, but he would need lots of individual attention, and he would need space.

My dilema here is that apart from the recent problems with Monster Mog Monty (and Mimi) have a great life. We feed them twice a day and the rest of the time they roam the golf course, climb trees and have been spotted sunbathing together in a nearby garden. What more could a cat want, particularly one that has been wild virtually from birth and is not that bothered about human affection?

However this is not a secure life for these 2 youngsters. The land we feed them on is a building plot, local people hate us feeding them and blame us for ALL the rubbish left on this unused plot, and Monster Mog is an example of a predator who could see them off and potentially chase them away from their food source. Monty is a wild cat but he is not particularly feral as he has been fed by humans I think all of his life.

What I would love is to find a cat lover locally with a garden who is willing to take on Monty and his little friend Mimi, allowing them to keep their lovely life but with more security for the future. I also still sometimes think about catching them and sending them to Germany which remains an option, but not an ideal one for them I think.

Monty’s story is the reason that I have just rescued the 5 kittens before some other beautiful older cats that I already had on my list from last year. The best chance of re-homing kittens is to catch them early before they become used to being wild. Even the little feral kittens respond ok after a while and get used to human contact.

Mary did try to take Monty and give him a home but by then he was already 6+ months and reacted so badly to being caught that she let him go again. At the beginning of last year we then nearly took him up into the mountains to a friend of ours with land, but decided against it as I had just adopted Saidi, and Monty was busy being an uncle to her 4 10-week old kittens, of which Mimi was one.

Monty is a nice problem to have. I will miss him if he does eventually get homed elsewhere but I worry every day that I do not see him and would love him to have a more secure home. I think he is a beautiful cat both in temperament and looks, and with time and patience he could be lovely to have around, but I think he needs to be able to run free as that is what he is used to AND ideally he needs his little friend Mimi with him.

Beautiful Monty

Beautiful Monty

SO we will carry on looking after Monty until the right solution comes up; he is very welcome!


7 thoughts on “Meet Monty

  1. Mary

    I really wish I had managed to catch Monty 18 months ago.  Three times I got him in a cage, twice he escaped before we got back in the car and once we made it to the car but he burst the door open and hurled himself around the windows so I let him go as I was afraid he might harm himself.  He really does enjoy the outdoor life and is often spotted on the golf course so anyone with a home with sports facilities might just win him over.  He is an avid tree climber too so I fear our first floor apartment would be a little too restricting for him even though there is the attraction of a pretty lady Siamese on offer!

  2. Jenny

    Great pics of Monty, what a handsome guy!But I do agree that he’s a cat who should continue to enjoy his freedom as that is what he’s been used to all his life.

    It was also very good to hear that Bono is showing such a remarkable improvement, let’s hope he will very soon be able to eat normally.

  3. Chris

    Get him sent over to Germany!!! Feeding them ‘wild’ is not a sustainable solution for any of them in the long run at all.

    He will adjust as they all do, and the Germans have been BRILLIANT so far so I have no doubt that they could sort him out as well.

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