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21/08/13: I have been delaying writing this update, because I so wanted the news to be good. Oz has actually had quite a tough time in the last weeks. He developed some hard swellings on his stomach, effectively where he was previously injured, and also another hard lump in his other leg. Last week he was operated on to remove what was diagnosed as damaged fat cells on his stomach, which is a common complication after injuries like his original one. We saw no sign of this while he was still in Spain, but soon after he arrived in Germany he started to lick and bite the area and the abscesses were found. While he was anaesthetised a biopsy of the lump in his leg was taken as it was feared he could have cancer. It has been a very worrying time for all of us who love Oz, and this includes everyone who has met him so far in Germany. Our dream boy was even busy charming the nurses in the clinic where he had to stay over the weekend, and good for him, he was back enjoying his food not long after his operation. Oz is FULL of life and love, AND I am very happy to be able to write that this gorgeous boy WILL be fine. His biopsy was negative. It seems this other lump is another hard infection. He needs to recover from his last operation, and the vets in Germany hope this lump may break down naturally so they will give it time before considering more surgery. In the meantime he is back with his friend Pepper, has now been joined in his foster home by little Ellie , AND has a very smart blue coat while his wound heals. Life is looking back on track for our beautiful boy! A BIG thank you to all the girls in Germany for helping him, and to foster Mum Verena for her love and care.

14/07/13: Oz also arrived in his foster home in Germany yesterday lunchtime, and all seems very relaxed from the first. Even better Oz has quickly made friends with Pepper whom Verena adopted from us last year. “Oz has and understanding with Pepper right away – they speak the same language ‘Spanish Gato’ – meow mix between a coo and gentle greeting!” These 2 boys are also about the same age, so for now Oz has the playmate that he was missing here.
20/06/13: Oz has now been at Pam’s for over 6 weeks, has completely healed (apart from a little fur still needing to grow back on his tail!), and has settled in really well, but as he is a little too young for her household, he IS up for adoption in Germany. Oz needs a young playmate, preferably a male as he has lots of energy and loves to play fight. Capone, Pam’s rather fat older male, is willing for short bursts, but Oz has been slightly terrorising Pam’s too old lady cats, and has a habit of attacking poor Rufus the dog’s tail! He IS actually a dream cat. He loves everybody, people, cats and dog alike! and is the sweetest most affectionate boy. He is also VERY playful and cheeky and has been known to steal anything tempting from the kitchen, which I keep telling Pam is quite normal for a young curious cat! Then when he is tired he has a special resting place on top of one of Pam’s chairs, and he loves to jump on our knees for cuddles. He would fit into ANY family and all who meet him love him! Enjoy his new photos. I hope they show what a completely gorgeous cat he is. What we need now is a very special home for this VERY special cat!

03/05/13: Meet Oz an Almerimar cat. He was rescued earlier this week from the ventilation shaft of one of our lifts. Mary heard him yelling when she went to get her car out of the garage early one morning. We are not sure how long he had been in there but he was very very hungry, and at some point had scraped all the fur and skin off a large area of one of his legs. This wound looks horrible but is in fact quite superficial and is already starting to heal with antibiotics and antiseptic cream. Oz is off to my usual vet this morning for castration and to start his vaccinations. He is so lovely and friendly, and we are sure that he is either abandoned or lost because he must have been an owned cat. Maybe somebody out there is looking for their beautiful pet but as Oz has no chip there is no way of knowing. I don’t understand why people aren’t responsible enough to have their animals chipped and have no sympathy really for the people who do lose their animals. Oz is safe and well and I will find him a much better home where he will be properly looked after which is what this lovely young man deserves.

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