Meet Xabi Kitten


SOooo Sweeet

This morning we caught, on our first attempt, Mimi’s little kitten. He is GORGEOUS and I have named him Xabi after Xabi Alonso, so now he is a football star!!!

I managed to get these pictures while he was still in the catch cage, which is why he is looking a little scared. Now he is settling in with Nicola, and our 4 other rescue kitties. I think this is good for Xabi, as this only child will now have some little buddies to play with.


SOooo Sweeet


SOooo Sweeet

I always feel a little sad when we take the kittens from their mothers, but I know he is 2 months old and he was at risk of being knocked over in the road. Mimi seemed unconcerned that we had taken him, or even that he was crying. She happily carried on eating!

4 thoughts on “Meet Xabi Kitten

  1. Chris

    He is certainly very cute, and although he was a little scared earlier he still enjoyed a stroke!!!

    Hopefully he will have fun with the other four and they wont gang up on him!!!

  2. gara

    Xabi is beautifully marked and looks much like my friend’s boy cat, Kegaroo, who is an absolutely lovable cat! So glad he will have some playmates and not be out there in the dangerous world.

  3. Sands Post author

    He is doing brilliantly. I have just been to visit him for cuddles. He runs away but when you catch him he is fine to be held and does not bite. Nicola’s Yorkshire terrier is mothering him. The 2 boys from the other litter will play with him, but the girls are being unfriendly for now. All great after just a few hours, and he is eating and not distressed.

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