19/02/13: Melodi has now been in her new home for almost a month and all is very well. She was relaxed there from the start: “With us, everything is great. Melodi has settled in outstandingly. she is very sweet and affectionate and greets us all when we come home. She loves to come and snuggle on the sofa. BUT I think you sent us a dog. Melodi retrieves like a professional, no matter what! With our dog and cats, it also works quite well. Only occasionally the dog gets a warning!” All sounds just great, and i love the latest photo of a VERY relaxed Melody!

VERY Relaxed Melodi
VERY Relaxed Melodi

14/01/13: Melodi also traveled to her new home at the weekend. Whether she stayed or not was largely dependent on how she got on with the lovely friendly dog. News from Germany is great. At first she did not want the dog close but later she let him right up to her, after she had shown him who was the boss. She did not want him licking her because she can clean herself! and she was listening a lot to the noises in the house, but she was also very relaxed and liked to cuddle from the start, and she is eating a lot! Already she has the humans wrapped around her finger! All is fine and she has her home.

I am not surprised that she was so friendly as I saw a big change in her in the short time she was with me. She grew in confidence daily and quickly became the playful, affectionate cat that is the real Melodi. I think she needed to remember that people are kind and love cats! Kerstin also said that Melodi cuddled into her dog blankets while she was waiting for her family to collect her. We think maybe she lived with a dog in her previous home, before she was taken to Pechina. I look forward to photos of her with her new friend!

07/01/13: Melodi is another lovely female cat of about 1 year old, who also found herself left at SOS Pechina. When I first met her there she was looking very sad and thin, but when I took her out last week she was a much better weight and, after a slightly nervous first 2 days, she has settled well in my neighbour’s spare bedroom with Manchi, Izzy and Pali, also from Pechina. Melodi is now happy to be stroked, and gets quite excited, rolling on her back and play chewing my hand. This lovely girl will be off to Germany to her new family on Saturday’s transport. Enjoy her photos.

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