Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

So another year is drawing to a close, our seventh since we started rehoming cats to Germany and transporting cats and dogs from Spain to Portugal, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK.

This year (2017) Sands re-homed an impressive 131 cats, taking her total to 1280 since she started, and I couldn’t be more proud of her, or respectful for the people that she works with both here and in Germany. In an increasingly crap world they are a constant reminder that there are some good people around.

As far as the transports in 2017 we transported 286 cats, 334 dogs (of which 47 were Galgos and 43 Podencos), and drove a total of 57, 177 miles taking our all time totals to 3307 cats, 2734 dogs (of which 737 were Galgos and 335 Podencos) and have now driven a total of 607,177 miles.

Frustrating as it can be at times with people not reading the information on the site, continuing to abuse the TRACES and PETS Schemes (putting the welfare of the animals and the future of transports at risk), and refusing to accept the importance of adhering 100% to the PETS Scheme requirements, it is honestly a pleasure to meet so many well intentioned people helping the animals. While there is zero chance (or need) for everyone to be friends, there is no reason why people can’t all respect each other and get along, and for 2018 a) I am going to make more efforts in the department and b) I hope to see a reduction in the bickering and back stabbing that still surrounds the world of animal welfare.

2018 will no doubt see more clarity (and less speculation) regards the impact of Brexit on pet transport, and while I can see neither rhyme of reason for any change, if there is any change we will just have to adapt as necessary and make any required adjustments.

As for our own plans they remain the same as previously stated, and that all things been equal we would like to continue with the re-homing and transport until the summer of 2022, when I think we will significantly scale back and concentrate on the next phase of our lives.

For this to happen we have to be realistic about our capabilities as the years advance, so we will be sticking to ‘just’ the eight (8) scheduled EU and UK transports, although we are planning on increasing the capacity by the addition of a trailer for the EU leg of the journey and by extending our return route to include Belgium, Holland and Germany as well as France, Spain and Portugal.

I think we would consider a Charter only if it was for a country we didn’t usually serve i.e. Italy, Denmark/Norway, Bosnia,
Romania etc

Our prices have been amended where necessary to reflect this change, but they remain competitive and realistic.

We will also be introducing our luxury pet transport service, and whilst this is very much one for the future i.e. part of our post 2022 plans, we do have one in March 2018 with limited availability if anyone is interested.

But for now we are looking forward to a couple of quiet weeks at home with our pets and lots of walks: I need to get fitter if we going to keep going for another 4.5 years, so you will (hopefully) see less of me in 2018!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Chris, Sands, Moreno, Saidi, Oscar, Fleur, Dusky, Kasper, Tigra, Tobi, Marti & Tito (and in their never forgotten absence Orla, Sophie and Teo)

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