Millie – A VERY Small Dog

27/04/14: Millie DID travel to Germany arriving on Sunday, but not to her planned forever home. Her adoptant was unable to take Millie at the last minute, and so Millie was diverted to a lovely foster home, where she was happy to socialise with the other dogs. We were confident that she would quickly find another family but I didn’t expect it to be so fast. This morning I have the news that a friend of the organisation is going to adopt Millie. This lady’s little Yorkie of 20 years died just before Easter, and she had liked Millie’s pictures mid April but felt it was too soon for her to take another dog. Now that 2 weeks have gone by and Millie is available again, we now have a perfect match! A strange week for Millie but all now seems resolved and we have a very happy ending!

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25/04/14: From Chris’s comment below, some will have read that Millie had an accident this week. On Wednesday she suffered a hematoma behind her left eye and we at first believed she would never be able to travel this weekend. However Millie is a strong little lady. The blow to her head broke no bones and my great vet drained the hematoma successfully. Yesterday she was signed off for travel, and although we still do not know if she has any lasting damage to this eye, she appears full of energy and her normal self. She will travel to Germany tomorrow to meet her new Mum Hilda.

22/04/14: Millie is the little dog that found Pam’s feeding station for Marli, the Spanish Water Dog. She joined him every morning and evening for food and they seemed to have become friends. She just turned up one day, very thin and afraid, another little abandoned soul. I saw her properly for the first time about 3 weeks ago now when I went to try and help catch Marli. I realised quickly that little Millie was very pregnant, and that, as she was happy to be stroked, we could help her immediately. She want to my vet Miguel the next morning for emergency castration which I think saved her life, because the 3 puppies inside her were too big for her to give birth to. It is a huge risk for tiny strays dogs that a larger dog will mate with them and the resultant puppies will be too big. Millie went from 7.5kg to 6.0 kg in one operation, and then lost another 0.5 kg of fluid over the next week.

A big thank you to Jayne and Mike who agreed to take Millie in, and let us see what a sweet little house dog she really is. Millie adores Jayne and follows her everywhere, is completely house trained, walks happily at Jayne’s heels without a lead, is the perfect cafe companion, and has even behaved well on a weekend away where she slept happily in a chair in the hotel room. We have taken her to the beach with my galgos, and this tiny dog has no fear of much larger ones. She is playful, but also feisty! The GREAT news is that Millie already has a family waiting for her in Germany, with 3 little dog friends, and a Mum for whom her animals are her life. It seems that she is the perfect age (18 months), size and character to find a home quickly. I am sure that Millie will miss Jayne at first but she now has a lovely secure home for the rest of her life. Thankyou to Gisela Heine for making this possible.

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11 thoughts on “Millie – A VERY Small Dog

  1. Chris

    Millie had a hematoma drained from behind her eye yesterday morning and a stitch put in her eyelid to keep it closed for 24 hours.

    She spent yesterday in our apartment, showing no signs of any injuries or discomfort: she was up on the roof, played with Teo & Tigra, had a ‘bit of fun’ with the cats, and slept on our knees while we watched TV.

    She ate some plain boiled chicken which seems to have settled her stomach, but doesn’t seem to be a great drinker.

    Last night she slept in our bedroom in a cat bed besides the bed and was as good as gold.

    This morning she is off to the vets to have the stitch out and check her eye and hopefully she will be able to travel as planned on Saturday to Germany as planned.

  2. Chris

    Millie is back from the vet and passed fit to travel. The vet is pretty sure no damage to her eyesight as he got a reaction but the pupil is still too small following the trauma for him to be 100% certain.

    Millie has had some chicken, and a run round the roof so showing no adverse signs from this mornings trip.

    One very fortunate little lady I think.

  3. Chris

    Amazing how quickly they get their paws under the table! She has been playing with Teo and Tigra, has figured out which cats like her and which aren’t that sure. She knows where the water bowls are and the fridge: salmon, chicken and ham has been consumed today …. she doesn’t seem to like dog food, so our dogs are very keen on her staying at the moment as they never get as many treats!

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