Mimi Is Caught!!!

Wow I can hardly believe this but this afternoon, I actually caught Mimi in the trap. I decided not to set it, but to sit beside the trap and operate it manually. Over the past 10 days I have got Mimi used to going inside to eat, and although still wary, she couldn’t resist the bacon, chicken and tuna on offer. I was very patient and let her get right inside before I triggered the door, and afterwards Pam and I just looked at one another in amazement!!!

We have only been trying to catch her on and off for about a year, and it is only 2 litters and 4 kittens later!!!

Now Mimi is spending the night in the trap, with just some water, until her appointment with vet Miguel at 11am. She will afterwards be transferred to a bigger cage to await her trip to Germany, hopefully on July 10th. A big thank you to Nicola and Erika for agreeing to take her in during this time. You are stars!

She IS going to have a tough couple of weeks but it will all be worth it, and all I can add right now is YIPPEEE … YIPPEEE … YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Mimi Is Caught!!!

  1. Chris

    That really is great news, and the start of the end of a very long but rewarding project for you all.

    Whatever you do, don’t let her (or Monty) escape!!! A couple of weeks in a cage with warmth, food and water is no price at all for the life that awaits them in Germany now!!!

  2. Pam Roberts

    I cannot believe that Sandra actually caught that little cow bag Mimi, she has had the patience of a saint and after weeks of trying – morning and evening she finally succeeded – and I take my hat off toher and say very well done. I have her partner in crime Monty the lovely Siamese in my computer room, he was very voluble to start off with but has quietened down and surely this situation has to be better than sleeping under bushes and not knowing where the next food and drink are coming from. I still cannot believe that we have both of them – champagne for Sandra

  3. Mary

    Congratulations! Having tried numerous times with you in the past, this is no mean achievement! I look forward to seeing her when she returns from seeing Miguel and I shall certainly be up to see Monty, he is a real sweetie.

  4. Sands Post author

    It is the biggest relief and Mimi appears to have calmed down. I rang Nicola around 10pm, and the little sweetheart! was sleeping!!!

  5. Chris

    Would never in my wildest dreams have thought of Nicola as ‘the little sweetheart’ but heh ho, each to their own, how was Mimi?

  6. Sands Post author

    Yes she is resting in her big cage and letting us stroke her head. We are hoping she will relax more over the weekend. It has been a tough couple of days for her.

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