Mina Has A Home


Mina @ Pam’s

Great news at the weekend from Germany; Mina the sweet little Tabby from the rocks that Pam had been feeding for over a year, has arrived in Germany and found a home almost immediately.

I’m really happy for her as she had been on our list for ‘homing’ for months and kept getting ‘bumped’ by more vulnerable recently abandoned cats. Next we’re hoping to send her buddies from the rocks. Below are more of the pictures I took at Pam’s and Mina looking sweet whilst still on the rocks.

good news: Mina is placed in a new home; on sunday she’ll move. I’m very happy; it seems to be a nice and loving place, and it’s just round the corner!”


Mina @ Pam’s


Mina @ Pam’s


Mina On The Rocks

2 thoughts on “Mina Has A Home

  1. Pam Roberts

    Mina is a most affectionate little cat – she was so happy to be an ‘inside’ cat and wasnt really bothered about playing out on the balconey – she was just happy to lie in her comfortable warm bed and have food put in front of her at regular intervals.I am so glad that she has found someone to love her for the rest of her life.

  2. Chris

    Excellent news, again well done to all!!

    Can you try and get the German girls to get the new owners of all the cats to send in more pictures and updates??!!

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