13/01/13: Today new year greetings arrived of Mindy from her new Mum. “Great love has developed between Mindy and her cat friend!” I am SO happy that we were able to save this beautiful little girl. She is such a sweetheart. Mindy was one of the first cats that I helped from SOS Pechina. I think if you can compare her first photos with the latest ones you can see clearly what motivates me and all the people that I work with, who help the cats.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

21/07/12: Mindy is another cat from Pechina that I had the pleasure of looking after for 2 weeks here before she traveled to Germany a week ago. She is a complete darling but was very, very thin at Pechina so I was worried about her. Having watched her with the other cats here, I understand better her problem. She is SO sweet and non-assertive that I think, in a large pen with a lot of cats, she just wasn’t getting her share of the food. She put on a little weight in the time she was here, but was still in a room with 4 other cats. Now she is in a proper foster home in Germany she is doing much better.

She was supposed to be MaPu’s foster cat, but Mila turned into a devil cat when Mindy arrived, even attacking MaPu, so our little cutie has gone to Yvonne’s for now, and is being very well looked after. Mindy is lovely to all people and all cats. She just wants love and to be friends with everyone. I fell completely in love with her, would have loved to have kept her, and was determined to help her. When I went into the cat pen at Pechina, she immediately came to say hello. She is completely adorable to anyone who meets her, and has such a pretty little face. I hope she finds the home she deserves soon, but at least I know for now she will have love and lots of good food. Mindy’s life has definitely got better.

I really captured her lovely little face in my photos from Pechina, but I also love the ones Yvonne has sent me of a very happy looking little girl. Enjoy!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.


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