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30/07/12: Yesterday some lovely new photos of my Cheeky girls came up on Facebook from their ‘foster’ Mum. They are looking very well and happy, and the photos are SO sweet, I am missing them all over again. I just want to give them both a big kiss!!! The news is that they are very loved in their foster home, and the personalities we saw here are coming out. Mouse is the clever, lively one, and Misty is more ‘dreamy’! Check out the gallery below to see the latest of these beautiful little girls.

16/07/12: today I had a lovely message from the cheeky girl’s foster Mum. the 2 little tomcats she mentions are Miro and Mejut, whom she has adopted: “Dear Sandra! from the foster Mama ….. “Misty & Mouse”! Yesterday morning your two gold mice arrived safely in Germany! … they are now working with “Miro and Mejut” in our house and obviously feel very well! … of course they have already made ​​friends with the two tomcats and alternating-on-rumtollen and siesta …. clear after this long journey …. Tonight, those two guys have been sleeping in our bed …. Misty and Mouse are in good hands with us, “the two Excitement all really are! “! …. am also an experienced cat mom …… so you do not have to worry, they will get a lot of love and attention with us. I will send some pictures soon. Love and greetings Tayyebeh & Mark … until further notice … ciao”

14/07/12: Today I had to say goodbye to the cheeky girls as they headed off for a new life in Germany. If we didn’t already have 5 cats, I know Chris and I would have given a home to this completely loveable pair. Enjoy the last photos I took of them in the gallery below.
10/07/12: The ‘cheeky girls’ are having a great time and Dusky is now almost playing with them. They have been all over the apartment and enjoying themselves up on the roof terrace, where our dead cactus plant is the perfect mini tree. Check out 20 new photos in the gallery below!
09/07/12: This morning we decided to give Misty and Mouse the freedom of the house. Mori and Oscar had already met them on the balcony over the weekend and given them kisses. Mori in particular is the perfect Daddy cat as he LOVES babies. See below some new photos of the girls enjoying the cat tree on the balcony with Mori! My youngest boy Dusky is still not sure but is very curious. Fleur and Saidi remain very unimpressed and keep hissing the little ones away. I now have Misty sharing my office chair. I have very little space and she is sleeping behind me! They are both very very cute, and the great news is that, pending a home check, they now have a lovely foster home waiting for them in Germany.

06/07/12: I seem to have 2 foster kittens for a week. Misty and Mouse, are now close to 4 months old, and come from a rescue centre near Salobrena, a couple of hours from here. I was contacted about them by the same English woman that helped Mejut and Miro, and drove to pick them up about 10 days ago. They are beautiful, affectionate, playful little sisters, and until yesterday were in my emergency cat room. This has however now been filled with adult cats awaiting the next transport to Germany. The girls are therefore shuttling between my balcony, office and 2nd bathroom, as I am trying not to disturb my own cats just for a week. I of course am getting to know them better, and I am still hopeful they MAY just find a home in the next week because they are completely gorgeous. They purr happily when stroked and love attention. Maybe today’s new photos will help. The girls have been exploring and enjoying fun in the bath together. They really are VERY sweet! Enjoy the photos and some slightly earlier ones too, including 2 adorable baby photos.

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  1. Jenny

    They are very cute indeed Sands, beautiful girls. My two foster boys (Mejut and Miro) have taken over the house and made themselves very much at home!! They are also gorgeous and very sociable little guys. Hoping so much that all four are destined for fantastic homes in Germany!

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