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I’m pleased to now have news of the first of our 6 kittens that travelled to Germany yesterday. As you can see from the email below, they are well and happy, and I’m sure will adjust brilliantly to their new home, and names! I think it much easier for kittens, particularly tame ones. These 2 little coyota girls were from the abandoned litter that we rescued in May, and we have always thought they were from a home cat.

Their news parents Saskia and Daniel were lovely when we met them. They interrupted their holiday in alicante to visit the kittens. I’m sure this will be a VERy happy ending!

“News from Mietzie and Mausi… mail from yesterday evening…

all are well… both are healthy and play a lot and are not tiredd… Food was the first thing… seemed to be very hungry… saksia looked for flees but she did not found any.. Now they are jumping through the sidebord with the books and put all out… They have new names Sierra and Salina… we thougth that a spainish name is a must and Mietzie and Mausi is tooo much german… ;o)

Now they will got wet food like in Spain with Nicola… and we will hope that they have a good night…

Salina is very tame and Sierra looks more at the moment… we are sure to have a lot of fun with them furthermore… we are glad that all happens in a right way and say Thank you to all
Next few days we will send some new photos…

many greets Saskia, Daniel, Sierra und Salina”

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