Momo & Tiger

14/05/13: Here are 2 more lovely young cats that unfortunately got left behind when their owner had to go back to the UK for health reasons. Their owner, a lovely man, DID care about them and their friend Blackie, and gave a family free use of his house in Spain if they would look after his inside/outside cats. This family it seems were not lovely, and having made a complete mess of his house, moved on, abandoning Momo, Tiger and Blackie. Lucky for them that Pauline was close by, saw their plight, fed them outside for weeks, and has now taken Momo and Tiger into her home to prepare them for travel. Both are lovely, affectionate cats, having been adopted as kittens. Momo is more relaxed and lazy, whilst Tiger is more active and playful. We are now looking for permanent homes for them either as a pair, or as friends to owned cats, but for now they are safe and loved by super foster Mum Pauline.

Click on any the photos to view the complete gallery full size.

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