Monty A Very Friendly Cat

I just realised that I had yet to post about Monty, another of the PAWs Mojacar cats to be recently re-homed in Germany.

He is about a year old and was found wandering around in quite a state, having been abandoned and then bullied badly by the local ferals. Once in the cattery he was happy to share a pen with 2 other cats, and was friendly to everyone who visited him, including me.

Monty actually came to PAWs and went pretty quickly. Almost as soon as his photos hit the German web pages there was a lot of interest in him, and a first adoptant was found within a week. This home didn’t however check out ok, but this turned out to be a good result for Monty as a second adoptant was found equally quickly and this one was just perfect:

“I have a nice request for Monty. Big house, two cats, one small dog (the darling of the cats) and horses. Monty would have the possibility to go outside. The adoptants are searching for a friendly cat who likes to be stroked. I think Monty is such a cat?”

Monty definitely IS such a cat and is VERY happy indeed in his new home as you can see from the latest photo of him.

Monty In his New Home

Charming Monty

Charming Monty

Charming Monty

Charming Monty

2 thoughts on “Monty A Very Friendly Cat

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  2. pauline wright

    I am so happy that Monty has found a beautiful home long may it continue he is adorable.Many thanks for all that you do for the pussy cats.

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