Monty & Mimi Update

Monty and Mimi are doing SO well it is hard to believe. Well done to Nicola and Erika for being such brilliant foster parents. Yesterday evening they were both at my vet’s, Mimi just for a chip and Monty for his blood test, vaccinations, and chip. All went well, but as Begona was more comfortable with Monty tranquilised, he was understandably a little woosy last night. Nicola reports that it was therefore Mimi’s turn to be protective of her best buddy. She stayed very close and was cross if Nicola tried to touch him.

This morning I went to see them and took them some white fish as a treat. Monty was already back being the protector! Mimi is amazingly getting used to being stroked. She remains very nervous but is not biting, and seems to be learning from Monty that human touch is ok. Last night she was even on Nicola’s lap for a while.

Monty meanwhile is becoming very cuddly, with lots of purring and snuggling! He ate all the fish as Mimi had apparently just stuffed herself with Whiskers.

They are free together in Nicola’s study, and although Monty has been trying again to escape via the window, everything is under control, and both seem happy enough. Last night they slept on the sofa with their arms around one another.

Meanwhile big Tommy is also doing well. As he has been evicted from his study sofa to keep everyone apart, he has been allowed the use of the real beds, not a shabby alternative! Although Tommy is a very gentle, friendly cat, he does has FIV, so we cannot risk him mixing with the others just in case he bites.

He enjoyed his fish too, but insisted on having a good old stroke before he settled down to eat his treat. This is a very charming, well-mannered old boy!!!

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