Monty & Mimi’s New Home

tn_24.06.09 009

I have posted a lot recently about our ‘special ones’, Monty and Mimi. These 2 really do need to be able to live together, and spend as much time as they like outside, as they have lived wild all of their lives. You can see from the photos in this post that Martina and Kerstin have found them the perfect home in Germany. I looks amazing!

They will be sharing their lovely home with 3 other cats and Mrs Bramsiepe (Hedwig), who seems a lovely lady, and whom we will be able to keep in touch with directly via email.

tn_07.06.09 006

Silvana On Mum’s Bed

tn_15.06.09 006


tn_15.06.09 009


I must find out if they are all girls. Beautiful Monty could be about to have his own harem, which could make our little stroppy one jealous. However I am convinced that his heart is truely taken and belongs only to Mimi.

tn_Bild 005

Hedwig Bramsiepe

The next photos are of the cats’ sitting room. Yep this room is for their use only, although from the photo of Silvana on the bed, they appear to also get the use of other parts of the house.

tn_24.06.09 004

Cats’ Sitting Room

tn_24.06.09 005

Cats’ Sitting Room

tn_24.06.09 006

Cats’ Sitting Room

AND then we have the garden, village and surrounding countryside!

tn_24.06.09 001

Great Country Life

tn_24.06.09 002

Great Country Life

tn_24.06.09 003

Great Country Life

tn_24.06.09 007

Great Country Life

Fantastic is all that I can say, and I really look forward to receiving photos of Monty and Mimi enjoying their new garden. Of course they will take a while to settle, and they won’t be allowed outside for a few weeks, but it is hard to imagine them not being happy in this lovely home. We are all so pleased for them, and relieved to have found them such a perfect life.

3 thoughts on “Monty & Mimi’s New Home

  1. Chris

    That looks brilliant!! Will be’bitter sweet’ to see them go, but they will be so much happier and better off …… hope to hear from them from time to time!

  2. Jenny

    You really have to admire the girls in Germany who come up with these ‘dream homes’, tailor-made,no less, for the likes of Monty and Mimi who are clearly two very special cats. (I like the look of the 4-star cat-accommodation!) Once they have settled and know where home is, they are going to be able to enjoy the freedom of the countryside, something they have always been used to. Such an ideal situation, and well done to Kerstin and Martina. We certainly look forward to the pictures and updates as time goes on. And good on yer Sands and team for your perseverence with these two lovely cats, without you it just would not have been possible.

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