Moushu & Balu



Thought it was time you met the rest of Keba’s kittens!

Gizmo, the first little black devil is already in his new home in Germany, and doing really well. Meanwhile tabby sister Lucie and her new best friend Luc travelled to Germany last Friday as I posted earlier this week.

Moushu and Balu, the remaining 2 brothers are still here with us in Almerimar, and remain rather nervous. I am however waiting for news in the next week, that Moushu may have a home with his new little friend Micki, the siamese kitten. This would be great as I think it works well to pair a nervous, rather feral cat, with a tame cuddle one. It helps the shy cat learn to trust people by following the example of the people cat, AND it is good for the adoptants to have one cat from the start who actually likes them!!!

These 2 aren’t really devil cats, they just need more time and patience, and being black siamese boys, they are rather beautiful. They are sleek, strong little panthers with lovely blue, green eyes!!!



4 thoughts on “Moushu & Balu

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  2. Thomas Mitchels

    Beautiful pair of cats ! As long as they are in a loving home, they will learn to become part of the family. I discovered this myself after i adopted from my local shelter.

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