Murphy Making Cat Friends

06/04/11: These are new photos of Murphy looking VERY contented and loved in his new home. He is now called Lennox and is the one and only cat in the house, for now anyway. This seems to suit him just fine!

And he has a very special friend in his new home. Life is great!

Murphy/Lennox @ Home

Murphy/Lennox @ Home

Murphy/Lennox @ Home

Murphy/Lennox @ Home

22/03/11: Murphy is FINALLY settled. At the weekend he went to his new home, and all is well!

Anke has commented below:
“Murphy went to his new home on Sunday evening. The first night he spent in bed with his new โ€œmotherโ€. She and her son fell in love from the first moment they saw him!”

AND he is now called Lennox! another celtic (clan) name with gaelic roots!

18/03/11: Today Anke sent through even more great photos of our boy with her cats. These will be the last ones from his fantastic foster home, before he goes off to his adoptant in the next few days!

I know that Anke is going to miss Murphy, and she tells me he is still following her around a lot, and is with her more than her own cats. Murphy loves Anke, so I hope he is going to love his new parents too, and quickly. It is hard when foster cats are so happy in their foster homes to move them, but they need to make space for the next ones. Foster Mums cannot keep them all! A big thankyou to Anke for making Murphy feel so loved and happy. This is what he needed to give him back his confidence, ready for his new life.

Murphy With Anke’s Dad

Murphy & Nelly

Murphy Chilling

Murphy Spooning With Anke

Murphy, Nelly & Hannibal

Murphy, Nelly & Hannibal

Murphy, Nelly & Hannibal

17/03/11: Today is a big day for Murphy. He has been playing with Anke’s older female cat, Cini. At last he seems to have decided that other cats CAN be friends. Maybe his adoptants will one day get a friend for him.

This is the new email from foster Mum Anke:

“I have to write you because today is the first time Murphy is playing together with Cini. Both are running behind the balls, they cower themself and than catching each other. Only if Cini is too wild Murphy hisses but after that they are playing again with each other. If the adoptants have had only a little bit of endurance they had a wonderful cat as friend for they own cat. Today Murphy is only 2,5 weeks with my cats and there are no more problems!”

16/03/11: Today I learned from Anke that Murphy hopefully now has his forever home as an only cat which I think he will prefer!

“Friday evening will be a home check for Murphy in Munich. A mother with a 13 years old son. They lost their cat last weekend because of a cerebral apoplexy and they are broken-hearted. Especially the son. Murphy would be a single cat but the longest time he would be alone are 4-5 hours. Regrettably there is no possibility to go for a walk but he will have a roof terrace ”

I think a roof terrace will be fine for him, as he seems quite settled inside at Anke’s. What Murphy REALLY wants is lots of people love!

15/03/11: Murphy is slowly learning to like other cats again after his frightening time being bullied on the streets, and Anke from her new comment is getting very fond of Murphy! It is a pity we cannot keep them all!!!

09/03/11: Murphy really is looking VERY at home with Anke, Martin and their 4 cats. Enjoy the latest great photos of our gorgeous boy!

He definitely seems to have made friends with Martin, who has affectionately called him Murph the Smurf! As for Anke, he loves her, and she describes him as her shadow. He is following her everywhere! For now he is looking very relaxed and well. Mapu was worried that he seemed quite traumatised by his experiences with his ‘adoptant’, but I hope that is over now, as I know Murphy will be feeling loved and cared for. A big thank you to Anke and Martin AND their 3 very friendly cats for being so kind and welcoming.

Murphy & Cat Friends

Murphy & Friend Martin

Magnificent Murphy

Anke’s Cat Tribe

04/03/11: Since I last wrote about Murphy, he has enjoyed a few good weeks being spoilt by foster Mum Jean, put on weight, flown to Germany with Erika on 25th February, been rejected by one adoptant, and found himself in the very loving home of new foster Mum Anke!

Poor sensitive Murphy was only in his forever home for a couple of days before his adoptants decided they could no longer keep him. Murphy seemed afraid of their female cat, was crying a lot and committing the supposed crime of jumping on a table!

Myself and the girls in Germany are firmly on Murphy’s side. He is a beautiful affectionate cat, merely in need of more love and understanding than these people were willing to give. Murphy had a tough time outside on the streets, being an obvious gentle soul. It is hardly surprising that he is a little insecure. Anke rushed out the other evening with Mapu to collect him, and has since been helping to restore his confidence after his latest bad experience.

He has been enjoying snuggles, virtually on her pillow, keeping her awake with his purring, and trying to burrow right into her. Meanwhile her own friendly cats have been ignoring his hissing and trying to make friends. Hannibal is happy to share the bed with him, and little Cini even gave him a nose kiss. He was very surprised but is learning that cats can be friends.

I think Murphy’s adoptants have missed out on a wonderful cat. Murphy meanwhile is looking pretty contented in these latest photos, and I know couldn’t be in a better place for now. Little Lilly and TJ can recommend Anke’s as a VERY cat loving home! I am also confident that a much better forever home will now be found, which actually deserves this beautiful boy!

Beautiful Murphy

Beautiful Murphy

Beautiful Murphy

Relaxed Murphy

Relaxed Murphy

Relaxed Murphy

28/01/11: On Wednesday I took Murphy to his new foster home in Especo del Mar. He will now have more space, more love and FANTASTIC views of the sea. First reports are that this lovely boy is charming everyone!

19/01/11:Murphy is just GORGEOUS! He is handsome, fit and lean, AND the most lovely, friendly boy. This is no street cat!

Murphy was first spotted by Victoria from PAWs 2-3 weeks ago, virtually skin and bone, and later she noticed he was limping and feared a broken leg. I was very pleased to have been able to find a room for him at the end of last week, and tomorrow he will transfer to a proper foster home, where he will get the attention he so wants.

In the meantime he is very well, his leg was only bruised and is now fine, AND I am enjoying my twice daily cuddles with this charming boy. He is the biggest, softest cat. Yesterday I put little Blanca in with him for company, but he seems more afraid of her than she is of him, and it was Murphy who retreated to under the bed, after first meeting her.

Enjoy his photos and video. I feel sure someone is going to fall for him fast.

Charmer Murphy

Charmer Murphy

Charmer Murphy

Charmer Murphy

Charmer Murphy

Charmer Murphy

Charmer Murphy

12 thoughts on “Murphy Making Cat Friends

  1. Dolores Keane-Frouxides

    Murphy may be following Anke about but he looks so comfortable with Martin, it looks like a case of “us boys together”! I think Murphy may believe he’s already found his “forever” home:)

  2. Dolores Keane-Frouxides

    Oh and I meant to say that Murphy look sooooooo intelligent but the why wouldn’t he seeing as he has some Irish blood in him:)

  3. Sands Post author

    aah Murphy may think he has found his home, but Anke is a premium foster home. She unfortunately cannot keep all her foster cats, and already has 4 of her own, SO I think Murphy will have to find another lovely home.
    Coyote Salma is in the same situation. She is VERY happy at Kerstin’s!
    Our clever cats know when they are being well looked after!

  4. Anke

    Murphy is a wonderful tomcat. He is very cut maybe with a Main Coon as grandfather… He is extremely affectionated, loves to be stroked and to play. With other cats he is a little bit afraid so first he meets an other cat he hisses. But my 4 cats are very disinterested in him so Murphy always calm down after a minute. This night he slept in bed with my Cini only 20 cm away. Murphy loves human but he can also be with other cats if they are very sozial and if the adoptants have enough longanimity.

    Regrettably I can not keep every cat. I had 3 cats but last christmas Martin donated Cini to me because she was my 9 years old foster cat and I fell in love with this small and cute cat who lives her whole live in an animal hoarding house in Hungary. Now I have realy enough cats ๐Ÿ™‚
    But maybe some day I will have a farm ;-)))

  5. Sands Post author

    Yes. I think we need a farm too! My husband normally does not like us to foster cats because my big male Mori marks everywhere afterwards and my little female Saidi hates other cats and becomes very unhappy. Also the 3 cats we have fostered we have kept! They are all so beautiful and in need of love and care. I think you do a fantastic job, and it must be very hard to let them go. Sometimes we need our husbands to be strong and say No!!!

    Murphy is a VERY loving boy. I looked after him for 2 weeks in my neighbour’s spare bedroom, and wanted to bring him home, but I think Mori would have HATED him. Mori has big attitude! He loves kittens but big boy cats I think not!

    I am sure Murphy will find a great home soon and it is good that he is learning other cats can be friends. I think he was very afraid out on the streets, and the wild Tomcats are not nice to abandoned tame ones.

  6. Dolores Keane-Frouxides

    So happy that Murphy seems to have found his forever home. He will make his adoptants very happy I am sure. But Anke I am so disappointed – why was he not wearing green and a shamrock in his photos for St Patrick’s Day – yesterday:)

  7. Sands Post author

    Good point! Not sure I actually told Anke that Murphy is really an Irish cat!!! xxx

  8. Anke

    I am so sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ Why is Murphy an Irish cat? And I am german, I donยดt know when is St Patrickโ€™s Day. A bad gap in my knowledge, I know. Here we had carnival…
    Murphy went to his new home sunday evening. The first night he spent in bed with his new “mother”. She and her son fell in love from the first moment they saw him. I hope this evening I will have more informations ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Sands Post author

    St Patrick’s day is Irish day. People celebrate and drink Guinness! OR Murphys!!!
    Murphy is of course a Spanish cat, BUT Dolores who rescued him is Irish, so I gave Murphy his Irish name!!
    We joke that he is an Irish cat!!!

  10. Anke

    Ah,I understand ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I read obut Murphy’s Irish Red. It seems to be a little bit like our “Altbier”. I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Anke

    Now Murphy is calling Lennox. A celtic name with gaelic roots. It was the name of a scottish clan ๐Ÿ™‚

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