My cat was run over by a taxi driver

My 18-month-old cat, Black Foot, was killed by a taxi driver in a hit-and-run. I want to get justice for Black Foot’s death, but there is no law stopping drivers from running over pet cats and simply speeding off. I started a Care2 petition to stop cat hit-and-runs. Will you sign it?

Black Foot was killed by a speeding TC Cars taxi cab driver in Solihull Birmingham. The whole incident was captured on surveillance tape. It was horrible to watch the footage as the driver sped straight through and hit Black Foot. He didn’t even bother to brake or to stop to find out if our cat was still alive.

I wanted to get justice for Black Foot’s death, and make sure this irresponsible driver was held accountable for what they did, so I contacted the authorities. That’s when I found out that in the UK there is no penalty for hit-and-runs if the animal is a cat.

I can’t believe cat owners don’t have the same protections as other pets. When a dog is run over, the driver is required to stop their vehicle and notify a police officer if the pet’s owner is not present. In an emergency like this, acting quickly could save the animal’s life. But for some reason cats aren’t protected by the same law.

Everyone I have come into contact with has said this law needs to be changed to help protect cat owners. Please join me in demanding justice for cat hit-and-runs and help get a new law passed.

Thank you for your help,

Daniella Catton
Care2 Member

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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