Naidu – A Lovely Lady

14/10/13: Some lovely new photos of Naidu arrived yesterday from Germany. Life is looking very sweet! Good for her.
12/03/13: Naidu is another Almeria street cat, rescued by a kind Spanish lady. She didn’t actually spend much time in the rescue home, as a foster home was found quickly for this lovely, friendly cat in Germany, and she travelled on the February transport. Then within 2 weeks a family fell in love with her and Naidu had her forever home. I met her for a photo shoot here in January and she was lovely to all of us. These are the cats that are very easy to find homes for. I now have photos from Germany of a very relaxed, happy cat in her new home. She definitely deserves her new life, and I am very happy that we managed to get her off the streets so quickly, and find her a loving secure home.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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