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Since our 4 ‘Easter’ cats set off on the transport to Germany on Good Friday, I have received some great updates from the girls in Germany:

Korky and Phoebe are happy in their foster home where on arrival they were pronounced “so cute” which they are. Kerstin sent me first this email: “Phoebe and Corky arrived in their foster home very well… they were very tame and the foster home was very happy about them… They are very healthy and nice… I am sure that we will find an adoptant very soon“. Then when I replied that we would really like them to have home together because we think they are brother and sister, Kerstin replied: “I will find a home for both together because they love each other…”
, which is fantastic; what great caring people we have working with us.

Yesterday evening I had this email from Martina about our brothers Jack and Bruno: “hi sandra, they arrived well in leverkusen on saturday evening…and all love them ! they play, give kisses, eat a lot…but do sneeze sometimes, so today they go to the vet…it is surely only a cold from the trip…nearly all had that…so i think: all is fine ! the new parents are totally in love with them ! :o)” SO that seems great too, and as this is a permanent home, their lives look pretty sorted. They are 2 lovely little fellows and it is fantastic that they have a home together.

Meanwhile I had some not such good news about Smokey Boy. I posted just over a month ago that he had found a permanent home, but it seems things have not worked out well with the other cats in the household. Smokey Boy is a lovely animal but was left with a permanently paralysed lower leg after an illness at the cat rescue and, although he runs and plays and now seems well, he could have more problems in the future and needs a special owner. For the time-being on a positive note, he is going to join Korky and Phoebe in their foster home. I have said that this seems a great idea as they are such loving gentle cats, and will hopefully accept him.

Now we wait for more good news that Smokey Boy finally, and Korky and Phoebe together have permanent homes. Here’s hoping it won’t be too long.

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4 thoughts on “News From Germany

  1. TotallyLamont

    This is great news! I hope Smokey Boy can find a special forever home!

  2. Sands Post author

    Yep we hope so too. He is such a beautiful gentle cat.

  3. Chris

    I am sure Smokey Boy will find a home, he is a great cat. He just needs other cats that don’t make him feel ‘threatened’ because of his leg. I reckon that if the others expect too much from him he may get a little aggressive to defend himself.

    Ideally he wants a home on his own with someone that will give him some extra attention.

  4. Sands Post author

    YEP. Maybe his new foster Mum will fall in love with him.

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