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Great news over the weekend that 2 more of our Almerimar cats, Georgina and Kiri have both got new permanent homes. This is fantastic and down to the hard work and caring of the girls over there. Georgina hasn’t had the best few months since George rescued her and took her to the cat rescue home earlier in the year. She didn’t like living with so many other cats (50+ at the time) and ended up spending most of her time there in the toilet with the nervous kittens … not a great life with little space and not enough attention. Now it seems she will be getting plenty of both and lots of well deserved love as well!

27/12: “georgina will go to her new home today ! i´ll meet her foster home ilona on the half way to köln and then georgina and i will drive to frankfurt :o) the woman who visited her new home this morning is sure, that is such a great place ! big appartement, big balcony, lovely old cat, lovely people…i´m so happy for georgina !!”

27/12: “sandra, i just came home from my trip with and for georgina…she can speak very loud, i think she does not like driving by car so much…;o) but she is so cute ! her foster home was very sad to give her away,,,but we all are so happy for her ! her new daddy is so in love with her and she likes him too i think, she gave him hugs from the first moment she saw him :o)))”

Kiri has been more lucky as it is only about 6 weeks since we rescued her from an empty rental property where she was left by her English owner who moved out. Apart from a not great week in foster care in Germany, where she appeared to hate all the other cats, all has gone smoothly, and I am not at all surprised that this beautiful little creature has found a home so fast.

26/12: “Hello Sandra, I just have brought Kiri to her new home, a large appartment with a balcony + net and a couple without children, a lot time at home…
In her foster home she did not like the other cats at all – she was bossing around …. now she will educate her new parents I presume ;0))))
funny, beautiful girl”

All great news. Here’s hoping for some more soon, as 3 of our Almerimar kittens are still awaiting permanent homes, as well as the 2 little wild kittens and both Smokey Girl, Smokey Boy and Jassa.


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  1. Chris

    Good to hear, hopefully not long before the others all find new homes!

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