Jasper Has A Home!!!

I now have news that Ginger Jasper has a home and it appears that he has settled in very fast and made friends with his new housemate! I have just received this email from Kerstin which describes his arrival with his adoptant Karin.

Jasper has already settled in well and get on with Minou well. When I first saw him on Saturday in the basket brought home, Minou already sniffed through the bars. When I opened the gate, she immediately stuck her head. Jasper then growled, however, and is first marched into the living room, where he has hidden behind the heater. After an hour he came out cautiously. When I woke up once at night, he had already established himself comfortably in a chair and when I awoke in the morning, he was with me in bed.

On Sunday, then the two cats have been closer to dealing with each other in the afternoon they lay together in the bedroom on my bed and at night they first played together.

She goes on to say thank you to Cony for bringing her such a beautiful cat, and wishes everybody a happy Xmas. Basically she is saying all is fine and she is keeping him, so she does not need any more help, and best wishes!!!

Apparently she visited him in his foster home, where he spent less than a week, loved him immediately and came back the next day to collect him … all VERY fast AND another happy ending!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Jasper Has A Home!!!

  1. Pam Roberts

    This is the best news of all. We really loved this little fellow but my older female cat just didnt get on with him but Capone my younger male cat just played and played all around the flat with him. Jasper is a most affectionate cat and loves nothing more than sleeping on the bed next to you and curling up on the couch of an evening. I am so so so glad he has found someone else to love him and that he has a playmate.Many many thanks to Cony yet again.Hope he gets lots of prezzies under the tree!!!!

  2. Chris

    Lovely news. I do like the expressions the Germans use to descrive how the cats settle in etc!

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