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Beautiful Smokey Boy

Smokey Boy was one of our cats that we had to fight to save, and therefore has a special place in our thoughts.

He was first rescued by Jean and George, barely able to walk, because his paws were so damaged we think by some corrosive substance. They healed and we took him up to Gisela’s cat rescue last summer, where he had an epileptic fit, it was thought as a reaction to a flea collar. Things then became worse for him as Gisela had too many cats at that time and then became really ill herself. He developed Bartonella from flea bites, had more fits and we think during one of them bit his own leg, causing permanent paralysis in his paw and lower limb.

This is when I rescued him again and brought him back to Almerimar. We got him over the Bartonella, Pam fostered him and fattened him up and we were able to send him off to Germany, where after a couple of months a home was found for him with a lovely, caring lady and some furry friends.

Things were looking better until I heard that her other cats were not accepting him because of his disability and he may need another home. This however has settled down, and they have got used to him being a little different, although in fact he runs and plays and copes with his bad leg brilliantly.

Now however I have more bad news. He has had 2 more epileptic fits in a short space of time, and tests have revealed a tumour in his brain. The better news is that, as he is in such good health otherwise, they hope it IS operable and as his new owner loves him so much, she is willing to pay for a very expensive operation, with help from the German charity. There are some very kind people out there.

SO we must hope again for Smokey Boy. He has been through so much, but at least I know, if this latest illness ends badly, that he has had a lot of very good months, of love and it has all been worth it.

I know they will do all they can to save him, and I await more news.

Enjoy the photos … he looks GREAT!!!


Beautiful Smokey Boy


2 thoughts on “News Of Smokey Boy

  1. Chris

    He looks great, after all the hardships he has beaten so far he deserves to get over this latest problem.

    Hopefully it is benign as he would appear to have had it for such a while if it is the cause of the ‘fits’.

    Whatever, he has had a lot of love of late and looks great on it.

    Good Luck Smokey Boy. Remember you outside in the corridor wanting food and love. You were a beautiful cat even then ….. even Mori liked you 🙂

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