Good and bad news this evening. Tommy’s test result came back, and it is now confirmed without doubt that he is FIV positive. This does not mean that he cannot have a good life, but we must continue to wait for the right home for him, either as a single cat or with other cats that are also FIV positive. The risk is low as Tommy is not a fighter, but we cannot take the chance that he may bite another cat, and pass on his condition. So he will not be flying with Roya on Sunday, and we will have the pleasure of his company for a little longer.

The good news is that the video I took this morning of the Coyota girls has swung their new home for them. The interested people have decided they will wait a few weeks for their kittens, as they have completely fallen for them. Well done girls for being such stars! I have also heard from Martina that she has some people interested in Xabi as a single cat, with a garden and 2 little children to play with, so hopefully this will work out too.

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  1. Chris

    Not a surprise re Tommy and as you say not a reason to do anything different. He is a great cat and deserves a good life like the rest of them do!

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