Next Phase Of The Journey: Transport Partnership

Has taken a while, but after writing in June about my desire to “hang up the keys” and then again in December about our Post Brexit Transport Plans, I have finally decided and sorted out what we will be doing.

We have entered into a partnership with Ella’s Paws Transport who we have worked with for a number of years to help them with the transport of re-homed cats and dogs from Romania into the UK.

  1. We have gifted them our van (OO09 PET) which will be used to transport 20 animals each transport across through Le Shuttle.
  2. We will manage the UK part of their transport for them, to include bookings on Le Shuttle.
  3. We will act as their representative in the UK for DEFRA Van Certifications and the like.
  4. We will provide access to our kennel facility in the event of a breakdown or animal sickness.
  5. We will provide “on call” driver cover in the UK in the event that a deriver becomes unable to drive.
  6. We will make our DEFRA Certified Vehicles & Driver available to help with any emergency situations as identified in the Type 2 Certificate Contingency Plan.

Obviously we can’t offer the van to anyone else but we can offer the rest of the list as a UK Agent and Support service so if you require any help please get in touch.

What this means is that:

  1. We will no longer have a van capable of transporting 20 animals. Whilst this will be strange it will be good to no longer even be tempted to help with a transport, put simply I will no longer be driving.
  2. We will be able to stay in involved with helping transport into the UK for many years more than we would have been able to drive, as we will retain our Type 2 Certificate, a DEFRA Certification on one of our vehicles and our Eurotunnel Trade Account.

For the record when I say “we” I am referring to Marshall Innovations Limited, our UK based company which as always been the formal commercial entity we have run our ALStrays “project’ through.

We always intended to gift the van to a rescue or charity once we had finished with it so it could carry on helping transport animals in one way or another for as long as it was able to. We wanted to find a way to continue to be involved and help with the transport of rehomed cats and dogs without the physical demands of driving.

Very happy we have achieved that. A little sad that we actually will be hanging up the keys, and saying goodbye to to the Van, but more than happy that it will continue “in service”.

6 thoughts on “Next Phase Of The Journey: Transport Partnership

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  3. Caroline Stapley

    Dear Chris, I have been very grateful to read all the information you have posted about pet transport post Brexit and all the paperwork that is necessary for EU registered transporters. I have done a couple of informal rescue trips, mostly at my own expense from Dubrovnik to the UK in the last couple of years and am now researching to set myself up as a Type 2 transporter from Mallorca and NE Spain to the EU and UK. Your information has been invaluable as a stepping off point on what to take into consideration.
    I wonder if you would be prepared to mentor me a little with your wealth of infomation, as I work out if this is really a viable possibility or not!!
    Initially, I am concentrating on what I need as an EU transporter in terms of vehicle, driver licences, animal welfare, TRACES etc, and can see there is a host of steps to tackle for importing pets and rescue animals into the UK now!
    I wonder if initially I will need to use the services of someone like you to complete the end part of the transfer from Calais onwards… Apologies for contacting you using this means. I could not find an email address to approach you more privately!
    Please note, I am not the same Caroline who recently contacted you for info!

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Happy to help. We can help with getting your vans certified in the UK and a Type 2 license, and if we become your agent in the UK we can do your bookings on our Trade Account so happy to discuss

  5. Caroline Stapley

    Hi Chris! Caroline again here! Only just seen your comments here on your page. How frustrating! I definitely need a mentor as I’m close to buying a vehicle and taking the plunge! I can see the market is quite flooded with operators, and being based in Mallorca might be a negative or a positive! Will try to find an email or number for you to get in touch!

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