24/07/12: It seems that Novak was a lot more sick than any of us realised. In the last 2 days he had refused to eat and the antibiotics were not working, so his foster Mum took him back to the vet. Here he tested positive for FIP, and fluid was drained from his stomach. Kerstin had to make the difficult but right decision to put him to sleep, as there was no hope of recovery and nobody wanted him to suffer. I am very sad because Novak was such a lovely boy, and very sorry for his foster Mum and her son who were going to adopt him. We have had cases of FIP before but not one that occurred so soon after a cat arrived in Germany. This is very bad news! RIP beautiful Novak.

20/07/12: Poor Novak has been struggling a little over the past couple of days and had become very quiet. He has also been scratching the fur out all over his face. Yesterday he was at the vet and the good news is that this is nothing too serious. He had a high temperature so has treatment for a virus, and has had an injection to stop him scratching. I treated Novak for bites while he was here and I wonder if the anti-biotic powder irritated his skin, or if this scratching was still as a result of ear mites, or just exhaustion and stress. Anyway the vet was happy with his treatment here and general condition and was very supportive which is a good thing. Novak should be feeling much better soon. In the meantime I have added a lovely photo of a very released boy to the gallery.

16/07/12: Novak arrived in his ‘trial’ home yesterday evening and the news is very good. He is very small and not in a good condition, but they love him… they sent me a message one hour ago that now he is sleeping in the sleeping room and cuddles in her arms… when she moved out of the living room he slept furthermore… I think he will become good friend with the dog, but needs time… the dogs got some paws on his nose because he was too rough… but he will learn… and I am sure he will grow and will become bigger and nicer in some more weeks.”

He does also seem to have Giardia but I sent medicine with all the Pechina cats so he can start treatment immediately. This morning it seems his home is no longer a trial one! “Novak is running all the time after her sun Noel… yesterday he told her mum, if they must give him away he would never be happy… He wants him… and today she was happy that her dog Maja did not try to eat him.”

Enjoy his arrival photos in the gallery below:

25/06/12: I have named Novak after a handsome tennis player, because he is a very handsome boy! He was handed into SOS Pechina by an English family who were returning home. He has been there for some months, has lost his name and is not doing too well. Novak likes other cats and is a gentle, sweet boy, but he finds it difficult to get enough food because the bigger stronger cats eat most of it! Novak needs a family again soon! Great news from Germany is that we have a foster home waiting for Novak for the 14.07 transport. His days at Pechina are numbered. Life is about to look up!!!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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