One dog was emaciated and tied to a tree. The other was tied up in urine-soaked bags.

Someone Threw Away These Dogs Like Trash, Dumping Them Without Caring if They Lived or Died

Sweet pups Ladybug and Coco were found abandoned and on their way to death just 5 days apart in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Abandoning dogs in any way is illegal in New Jersey, and rightly so. Shelters exist for this very reason — to take in animals that can no longer be cared for, regardless of reason. But the evidence of neglect in poor Ladybug and Coco’s lives even before they were dumped is heartbreakingly clear.

Ladybug, a brindle pittie described as “ridiculously sweet and adorable” by her caretakers, had bones sticking out of her skin when she was found tied to a tree. She was 26 pounds; a dog of her size is healthy at closer to 50. The cruelty against Coco the chihuahua was far more represented in the way she was dumped. Crammed into a duffel bag that the sweet dog soaked with her urine, out of fear or because of time passed or both, she was then tied up in multiple other shopping bags. These poor dogs are miraculously making a full recovery and are bound for loving homes.

It’s unclear if Coco and Ladybug’s cases are related. But one thing is extremely clear — whoever abandoned these sweet dogs to die must be found before another pup ends up abandoned or even worse, dead. There is no excuse for dog dumping. Period. Sign the petition encouraging local authorities to find whoever is dumping dogs in South Jersey!

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