Onwards and Upwards

Just back from feeding the Alcor Cats again and I was very pleased to see Caesar or Monster Mog as he was origianally named for his aggressive ways. Pleased because we intend to ‘rescue’ him from his life on the street tomorrow. It definitely doesn’t suit him as he looks dirty and bedraggled a sure sign of an unhappy cat who is not cleaning himself.

Meanwhile Mimi and Monty will be VERY pleased to see him go as he continues to put great fear into Monty at least. The poor boy was so nervous eating and ultimately ended up the tree again.

Anyway I partially lifted Caesar and got a good hold on his neck so I don’t envisage any problems picking him up. He remains very tame and polite where people are concerned. Yesterday we confirmed his foster home with a lovely Spanish lady called Ana, so it’s all systems go for a trip to the vet on Friday after one night with Jenny tomorrow.

Meanwhile Cookie has settled well into Dawn’s and his stomach appears to be settling, a relief for all. He has some antibiotics but Begona reported no major infection last night, and no parasites SO either he didn’t have them or the Flagyl has done it’s job. Thanks to Lisa and Salva for looking after him for a week, and sorry to Semele, their gentle Siamese female, for all the too rough play!

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  1. Chris

    Good to see the ‘plan’ progressing so well 🙂

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