Our Kasper

11/06/13: I am a day late with this post. Kasper was 1 year old YESTERDAY! Sorry Kasper. I have been a little busy with foster cats and walking Teo a lot while Daddy is away. Kasper had some lovely tuna for his birthday breakfast and spent the day on the roof and cuddling in the comfy cat beds, and on the new cat trees, with his 5 cats buddies. Mori DID tell him that for HIS 1st birthday he had a special BBQ with steak and prawns, but Kasper does understand that Mummy and Daddy’s life is much busier now helping all the animals, and he knows that if we didn’t care so much he would not have the life he has, and his friends Dusky and Fleur probably wouldn’t be here today! Life is good for Kasper and he likes having lots of cat friends to play with and even big Teo the dog to nose tap, but only when Teo is asleep! Today is another lovely sunny day in Kasper’s grown up world, and our little man has even grown a little more recently, but I think he will always be our baby because 6 cats really is enough!

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23/03/13: I have just realised that it is a very long time since I last posted on our beautiful little boy. Kasper never did travel to his home in England because Kim, Chris and I decided that he should stay here with us and his cat friends, including his best play buddy Dusky. Our handsome boy is now about 10 months old and today I took some new ‘grown up’ photos as it is time to frame one for our cat gallery. At one time I thought Kasper was going to be a big cat but his growth seemed to slow at about 7 months, so I now think he will be a small, sporty, speedy male. I KNOW that he is a character, and very intelligent. He is strong but also kind and respectful and all my cats AND Chris and I love him. I also think this brave little chap will be the first to become a friend to Galgo Teo. He is very special and we are lucky to have him in our family.

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