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There I was planning a really relaxing day today, when I got a call from Richard. He was doing a viewing of a rental property and found this beautiful little thing. She kept coming back into the house and he found a bowl of cornflakes and the remains of a bird in the garden All very strange as the previous occupant, Lisa from the Piramide left over a week ago, and it is still hard to imagine how anyone could abandon any animal let alone such an adorable one; we have had her all afternoon and she just purrs and pads and wants to be loved!

On Monday she will go to the vet to be checked over and to look for any chip. She seems in good condition bar some fleas and actually not that thin, so either she is a good survivor, or someone out there may be looking for her. Anyway for now she is settling into her new foster home with Olivia’s parents, who are visiting for 2 months, and I can tell that she is going to be absolutely spoilt! Every time it feels great to be able to help one of these little animals! Now we just need some more sponsors and donations as we are out of cash in our strays fund and in desperate need of funds.

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  1. Sands Post author

    Checked on the little buddy this am when I delivered Frontline and a worming tablet. She had spent the night asleep on Olivia’s Mum’s chest so is definitely being very spoilt. All seems to be well apart from a slightly dodgy stomach which may have a lot to do with the bird and cornflakes she has been surviving on. She is also quite desperate for affection which is sweet but also sadly very indicative of a little animal that has been left to fend for itself and is now SO pleased to be secure, fed and loved. We will make sure that things stay that way for her in the future. NOW what we are looking for is a name. I’m suggesting Calypso but alternatives are welcome!

  2. Mary

    Calipso is quie cute but sounds a bit masculine. How about Carmen as she knows how to attract attention vocally?

  3. Sands Post author

    Yes. Good suggestion and the vocal bit is spot on, however we already have a little black and white Carmen. Can you think of another Diva?

  4. Sands Post author

    Ok I have some more suggestions: Kiri as in famous opera singer or Pamina (character from Magic Flute) or Isolde! What do you think???

  5. Sands Post author

    Ok Kiri it is, and LOVELY she is. I’m just back from the vet, and have decided to assume she is abandoned and not to worry about her previous owner for 2 reasons: she has no chip and she has a very bad eye, the result of an injury or infection that was left untreated. We are hoping with drops there is still a chance of some improvement. She will be back at the vet tonight to be blood tested and chipped and to start her vaccinations. My neighbour is interested in her so maybe that will be a good home, but she will be ready to travel to Germany in December if that doesn’t work out, and she WILL find a good home.

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  7. Rich

    Hi Sands,
    Great news on KIRI glad she has settled well she was so friendly on saturday i knew she would make a great pet perhaps she has been starved of TLC i Have given chris the address well done Rich

  8. Chris

    Richard also said that it wasn’t Lisa that left the cat but a lady called Mandy who worked for Lisa and is now working on a canal boat in the south of France.

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