Our pets deserve quality healthcare

Pets Are Family Members. We Should Be Able to Add Them to Our Insurance Plans.

Anyone who has had a pet knows that seeing them sick is no different than when a human family member is unwell – because pets are family. But, most pets in the United States are uninsured. In fact, many pets in the U.S. don’t even qualify for private pet insurance. 

Elderly pets or pets with pre-existing conditions are often deemed too “high risk” for insurance companies to take on the “burden” of insuring them. This is how human insurance used to work, too – until the ACA banned that practice and guaranteed Americans the right to insurance regardless of their health status. 

If we can do it for human family members, we can do it for our non-human ones, too! Sign now to tell Congress to pass legislation allowing pets to be added to insurance plans as family members!

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