Owners face three-month wait for pet passports after ‘no deal’ Brexit

Obviously very early days, and is hard to see a ‘no deal’ scenario, but the following article from The Sunday Times is not great reading for those with Pets, although in reality most people know at least three (3) months in advance if they are going on holiday or moving home.

No comment on the article regards TRACES, but an interesting note regards requiring a Green Card if you plan on taking a vehicle into the EU

Pet owners who want to take their dogs and cats abroad will have to plan three months ahead after Brexit, according to a paper to be published by ministers tomorrow.

Dominic Raab, the Brexit secretary, will set out between 20 and 25 new “no deal” planning notes to advise the public of the preparations they will need in the event of Britain failing to strike a deal.

Those used to travelling to the continent using pet passports will have to register three months in advance if they want to go to EU countries — an inconvenience that ministers fear will anger the public. Pet passports are issued for dogs, cats and ferrets.

A second “no deal” note will reveal that motorists also face more bureaucracy after Brexit.

Holidaymakers who want to drive to France or hire a car in the EU will have to apply in advance for a “green card” for their vehicle.

At the moment, these are required only when British drivers go into European countries outside the EU.

Although the green cards will not cost anything, the extra requirements may irritate people used to visiting the continent without little need for planning.

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