Owners warned deadly parasite lungworm is on the rise in the UK

Dramatic headline and warning in the Daily Express recently.

DOG owners have today been warned to be aware of a KILLER parasite attacking pets after a dramatic rise over the last few years in the UK.

The parasitic lungworm can cause weight loss, difficulty breathing, a chronic cough and trouble exercising and even be fatal.

The PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity, said cases of the infection has worryingly trebled in the last five years.

Lungworm used to mainly affect Wales and southern England but experts said the problem has become more wide reaching.

The larvae of the lungworm is carried by slugs or snails and is transmitted when a dog eats one of the pests when rummaging outdoors.

A pet can also be infected by snacking on grass, drinking from puddles or outdoor water bowls or picking toys up which have the garden pests on them.

Treatment for lungworm usually includes antibiotics, worming medication and i/v fluids.

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