Pali & Her Family

01/06/13: Very latest good news is that Pali herself now has a new family. She will live with a number of other friendly cats, but NO dog, AND 3 of the babies already have adoptants. Enjoy the latest cute photo of sleeping babies.
30/05/13: Today we have the latest photos of the babies, now 11 weeks old. All are healthy now. A BIG thank you to foster Mum Marion for all her love and care for this unplanned family!
08/05/13: Last night the latest beautiful photos came from Germany of Pali’s babies and this news: “On Friday all will have their last medical, so we hope all now are healthy and we can starte in one or two weeks with the vaccinations.
The turtle cat is Yvonne (called Vivi) she has birthday together with my Yvonne the other babys have a birthday with my fostercat Chesty! Jacky and Jones, the blackys are great and crazy, Cream( little Chesty) and Vivi are great togehter and Silver…Marion called her Pincess Valium…the chilling lady!”
All great! I am very happy, and a BIG thank you again to the girls in Germany for taking such good care of them.


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04/05/13: In the last few weeks Pali’s little kids have been back to the vet several times as all have been very sick with cat flu and the herpes virus. This will have come from Pali herself. It is an unfortunate fact that when stray mothers have been sick at one time with these virus’s themselves and still carry them, they can pass this sickness on to their babies. The latest news from a few days ago is that all are now doing much better. I really all hope all will be fine. It seems that foster Mum Marion may keep 2 of the babies as new friends for her young cat. Pali herself will soon be looking for a new home as she does not like the lovely family dog. More news I hope soon and in the meantime enjoy some more lovely baby photos.

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26/03/13: More lovely photos have just arrived from Germany of Pali with her babies, and the news that Pali is now completely fine and eating well again. Wonderful and thankyou again for all the good care and love this family are getting in Germany!
22/03/13: Pali has had an interesting 2 months since I last wrote about her. She didn’t have to stay all alone in my foster room, because Isabel and Olivia turned up to keep her company while she waited for the February transport to Germany. Her foster Mum Marion agreed to wait for her and everything seemed fine. Pali put on a little weight while she was here but nothing unusual as she was really enjoying her good food after so long on rescue centre rations. Once in Germany she settled well, and continued to be the affectionate sweet little girl I knew and loved here.

She did however also continue to put on weight, and Marion actually wrote this to me: “If I didn’t know she was sterilised I would be worried she was pregnant.” We now know that Pali WAS pregnant! All the information from Pechina was that Pali WAS sterilised, and in fact that ALL of their cats are sterilised but Pali had obviously slipped through some net. When I started working with Pechina last summer there were 50-60 cats in the large pen, and there were no individual cat records. I did however believe in their process that no cat entered this pen until it had been tested, sterilised and vaccinated. Somebody has obviously made a big mistake.

Pali actually had 6 little babies, but 1 little girl has sadly died. This may be because Pali is a small female and 6 kittens is a lot for her. Mother and remaining kittens when I last heard were fine and back home with Marion. I know they are getting the best of care, and want to thank everyone in Germany who has helped with this unexpected situation.

Looking back I can now understand completely why after over a week in my foster room Pali suddenly made a desperate escape into the surrounding gardens. She had obviously come on heat and the handsome feral tomcats had smelt her and were calling her! At the time I thought she had been planning this for some time, after months in captivity, and that it WAS just a bid for freedom. I was wrong of course but like Marion who was watching Pali get slowly fatter in Germany, I really believed she was sterilised. Pali is the first and last pregnant cat that I will send to Germany. The little madam has caused a lot of trouble but the important thing is that she is well and that her babies are healthy too. They have a good chance because for 3 weeks before Pali’s adventure and all through her pregnancy Pali ate VERY well. Enjoy her new family photos!

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2000: Just back from checking on Pali.The poor little girl is a bit lonely now and didn’t want me to go. I did however leave her tucking into a big bowl of Grau chicken wet food. I’m hoping to move her to a proper foster home in the next few days but I must be sure she cannot escape again!
13/01/13: Pali is one of 4 little Pechina cats that were in my foster room here for the last week before Saturday’s transport. She has a lovely home waiting for her in Germany with a lovely Mum, dog and a sweet lonely cat from Hungary who was looking forward to meeting her new friend. Pali however had other plans and decided to have a little adventure before traveling to Germany. On Friday night she managed to escape from a high window, that was open 2cms for fresh air, and had netting across! Pali is an escapologist that I now know can fit through very small spaces! Yesterday she was enjoying the sun in a neighbour’s garden with 2 feral male Tomcats for company and had no interest in coming to me. When I called her she rolled on her back and just looked at me! Earlier she was also socialising with the owned cats in the street!

This morning she was less happy. Her boyfriends had left her, and all the owned cats were inside. Last night was very cold and I think she was lonely and hungry! She was very happy to see me, and is now safely back inside. She wanted lots of cuddles and lots of food! She is however now alone in the room as the other 3 cats DID travel. I will try to find her a proper foster home later this week as she must now wait until 09.02 to travel on the next transport unless somebody can take her on a plane before then.

Enjoy her photos. She is very cute and pretty and I love her special blond paw!

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