Pet passports: urgent action needed

As most of the UK is now no longer part of the Pet Passport scheme, assistance dog owners face new challenges when travelling from the UK to EU, and also between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“The changes to the existing Pet Passport Scheme will make it impractical, if not impossible, for my guide dog Alex and I to make such frequent journeys for work, visiting friends and families or attending concerts and conferences abroad. I am dreading such change as it is inevitable my life and my independence will be dramatically altered.” June, guide dog owner. 

In October, over 1000 campaigners like you, Chris asked the government to ensure that people with disabilities who are partnered with a guide dog or another assistance dog were not left behind when making decisions about travel. Unfortunately, the new rules that are in place will limit the freedom to travel that assistance dog owners have had.

It’s time to take action again.

Will you write to your MP and ask them to tell the Minister we need the guidelines to be reviewed to ensure that guide dog owners like June can travel independently?

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