PET Transport Between Spain and UK

I have written before about my personal trip back to the UK in March, which also allows for the opportunity for a restricted luxury pet transport from Spain to the UK and from the UK to Spain.

I say restricted because when I get to the UK I am staying with friends in Kent and Stevenage before heading to Stoke so any pets that I transport to the UK from Spain (or France) will need to be collected from me in Kent or we will need to sort out kennels before I can drop them off.

Just to be clear as I will be using the Range Rover Sport which has a DEFRA Certificate it is 100% legal for me to transport your pet on your behalf (normal PETS Scheme conditions apply), and if required I can also take animals under the TRACES Scheme.

At the time of writing I am flexible as to the route that I take from Spain to the UK, but I must catch the 3.20pm Shuttle on the 15th March.

Coming back I am bringing my parents down to Spain, and have a regular clients dog booked in so the route is committed to Chartres (Hotel Overnight), Burgos (Hotel Overnight) and Marbella but I am more than happy to bring your pet back if our route and schedule (catching the 3.20pm Shuttle on the 27th March) fits in with your plans.

4 thoughts on “PET Transport Between Spain and UK

  1. Louise Fletcher-Moran

    We need our 22kg dog transporting from Mallorca (or Barcelona) to the UK in July. Is this something you can help with?


  2. Jayne Whitmore

    Hi I need my cat bringing to Spain before the end of March is this something you would be able to do?

  3. Michelle Tune

    Hi just wondered if you are still transporting animals from Spain to UK as I need two German shepherds transporting.

  4. Chris Marshall Post author

    Sorry we are no longer transporting animals

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