Pets are suffering from gunshot and arrow wounds.

People Are Shooting Pets with Guns and Arrows in Louisiana. But Police Aren’t Taking It Seriously.

In northern Louisiana, animal rescuers and organizations like the Humane Society of Louisiana are seeing a shocking increase in horrific, extreme animal abuse cases. People are shooting cats and dogs with guns — and also with bow-and-arrows. And the situation keeps getting worse and worse. Some of the violence inflicted against these pets comes from neighbors who take out their aggression on others’ beloved companion animals. And some of the violence comes from pets’ own humans, the very people who are supposed to love and protect these defenseless creatures.

Just like we do for children, it’s important to make sure that prospective pet parents don’t have any history of violence, cruelty, or similar major red flags. Animal shelters and pet retail stores in Louisiana should screen potential pet-adopters before they take home a new animal. Local experts also report that, apparently, area police don’t seem to care much about enforcing laws against animal cruelty. Police departments must investigate cases where their officers have broken the law by refusing to sufficiently take animal cruelty seriously. Officers must be held accountable for not carrying out laws to keep animals safe! Legislators in Louisiana must pass stronger laws to help animals. Sign the petition to demand pet adoption sites be required to screen new pet parents, and to hold police officers accountable if they do not enforce laws against animal cruelty.

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