The authorities have become much stricter regards the abuse of the PETS Scheme and they now have the ability to check who the pet is registered to, and of course any mistake on the passport and they will refuse entry to the pet.

As such we will need you to provide us with:

  • A photograph of the Owners Page of the pet passport to see that the pet is in your name with your signature
  • A photograph of the Microchip Page so we can see the microchip number and the date
  • A photograph of the Rabies Page so we can see that the rabies vaccination details are correct and that the vet has added their phone number as well as the rabies sticker, stamp, and signature
  • A photograph of the Microchip Registration form with your signature, which of course must be the same as the signature in the passport

We will also require you to sign the Declaration Form either when we pick up the pet for the transport, or via email if you will not be at the pick up.

Unless the above are all correct they would not allow entry for the pet so we can not transport it.