PETS Scheme Tighter Controls

On the last couple of trips we have been asked at pet passport control in Calais for ‘proof’ that we have permission to transport the pets we have been taking into the UK on the PETS Scheme.

Specifically they have wanted to see that the signature on the Declaration of Owner not accompanying Pet during its journey is the same as that in the Pet Passport, especially the new passports which require the signature and laminate.

This has only happened in the last couple of months. Before that we weren’t even asked for the booking form or declaration but it appears that since the increase in animals being transported under TRACES (as an aside the maximum the system at Calais will allow is 30), they have tightened up the Pets Scheme as well, although that may well be a result of the Daily ail expose when a journalist got a stuffed toy dog with a false passport through!


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