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Following recent events in the UK regarding a dog that was transported under TRACES, but with the incorrect rabies vaccination we have had a lot of rescue centres contacting us to ask if it is possible to transport a re-homed animal under the Pets Scheme.

The answer remains no …. so please stop wasting our time and your own time.

Our position regards the use of the Pets Scheme remains as stated on the booking form and the Pets Scheme page, but to summarise.

1. The booking form must be completed by the registered owner. IF the form is completed by a rescue organisation we will not accept it as it is clear that the animal is being re-homed.

2. We will check for Pets Scheme Abuse, so we will need to see the microchip registration form in the registered owners name, and for that to be the same person who completed the booking form.

3. The registered owner must also complete the Declaration Form confirming they are the owner, that the reason for the transport is because of a change of circumstance to the registered owner (relocation, holiday, illness etc) and that there will be no change of ownership once the dogs gets to its destination.

4. We will take on trust the details provided on the booking form as the registered owner is signing to say that they are correct, and it is not our responsibility (or within in our power) to check things like the microchip registration database, that owners have return flights booked etc.

If on the other hand a rescue organisation contacts us to ask if the animal that they have re-homed can be transported under the Pets Scheme we will say no.

If a rescue organisation contacts us to enquire about ‘a friends animal’ we will say no.

If a rescue organsiation contacts us to say that they can get the chip registered in the new owners name we will say, well done, but TRACES is still the only option open to you as there has been a transfer of ownership.

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