Photos: A Time & A Place

Have written before about the ‘issue’ of the (understandably) enthusiastic new owner receiving their rescue cat and dog from Spain, and the fact that it is really very east to unintentionally scare your new pet, but once again I am compelled to put fingers to the keyboard with a request to please refrain from taking photos until the animals are safely out of the van and we have closed the van doors.

It is often hard enough parking/reversing the van into the available parking spaces without having to check the mirrors for photographers and video enthusiasts who think nothing of standing in the road to capture the exciting moments that a white van turning up with their new pet creates!

But recently (and not by any means for the first time) as I turned round from taking a dog out of it’s cage to hand it over I turned round only to encounter a photographer literally ‘in the way’. In avoiding said photographer there was a very ominous crack in my foot/ankle and it has to be said a fairly sharp jolt of pain.

Tempting as it was to release the dog and hop around swearing ………………

No doubts many will see this a Mr Grumpy, but please consider how you would like to drive in excess of 3,500km, load and unload 15 cats and dogs, load and deliver 3 lots of donations ….. all with a cracked metatarsal?

In all honesty is that initial photo really worth it?

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